Anuncio de televisin de la campaa Navidad 2007 CL E-mail
Castell dels Sorells 在SIAL 中国公平 CL E-mail

Castell dels Sorells 将是存在在 SIAL 中国公平的, 那的下编辑将发生从第 10 到第12 5 月在上海城市。

The winery which elaborates the Valencia Cava CASTELL DELS SORELLS begins its expansion in BENELUX CL E-mail

The export manager from COCA SOLER, receives the support of the Foundation Valencian Community - European Region.

The year 2007 marks the beginning of the internationalization of the Valencian winery and the Cava Castell dels Sorells. This new step of the traditional wine-cellar will have as point of the beginning the entrance in the Belgian, Dutch and Luxemburg markets (Benelux). 


Castell dels Sorells的天然低糖卡瓦酒荣获银奖 CL E-mail

2005IberWine颁奖典礼于20051129日举行,参展的Castell dels Sorells卡瓦酒荣获天然低糖葡萄酒和97年天然特级纯酿两项银奖。

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