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Technical Information

Type of wine: Espumoso

Denomination of Origin: Cava, subzona Valencia

Grape’s year: 2006

Type of grapes: Trepat

Bottle: Estandar

Alcoholic degree: 11,5º

Remaining sugar: 0,2 g/l

CO2 pressure: 4 atm

Elaboration and age

First fermentation wine: It starts extracting the must with a pneumatic press, from which only the flower must is designated to produce the cava. Afterwards it ferments in stainless steel deposits at a controlled temperature of 14ºC. It ages in the deposit for 4 months.

Second fermentation in the bottle: In our winery, (7 metres under the floor level), with a constant room temperature of 15ºC. It ages quietly there, till the riddling time with the same temperature.

Labelling which details the disgorging date.

Tasting Note

It has one type of pink current colour grape only with purplish reflexes. It has great formation of foam and of long persistence. The bubble is thin and ascends forming infinite cords.

Intense in nose with abundant aromas to red fresh fruit it matures as the raspberry and the cranberry.

It is nice in the step of the mouth with carbonic integrated good. It has a creamy, harmonic and very agreeable end with excellent acid balance.

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