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The first time a toast was made with Cava Castell dels Sorells was on the 29th December 1983, taking place the birth of the first Valencian Cava.

(The birth of the first Valencian Cava took place on the 29th December 1983 when a toast was made with Cava Castell dels Sorells)

Our headquarters are a castle located near Turís (Valencia), which is an exact copy of other Valencian castle built in the 15th Century. Its cellar which is located 29,53 feet under the floor level holds the silence, the obscurity and the rest required, also with excellent temperature and humidity conditions.  

The set attract a great interest and a visit should be made to realise the aim of this company to achieve a Valencian product elaborated with a high spirit: a high quality Cava.

All through the years the handcraft has been the main standard of this winery. The permanent selective care and attention given in all our process have as a result that the cavas Castell dels Sorells are provided with a very special touch.

For all the reasons we have already mentioned, year after year, the winery’s maximum pledge is to select the best “flower musts” and elaborate the best “coupage” or blending with the selected variety of selected grapes, in order to obtain a product we can be very proud of.